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Building radial and axial flux motors for electric vehicles

We are seeking a Simulation Engineer to join our team. The candidate will work on the
development and optimization of motor simulation models, including design, analysis, and
testing. The position requires a strong background in simulation and basic mechanical, and
electrical engineering principles, along with basic programming skills.

LOCATION: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

● Develop and validate simulation models for motors using finite element analysis
(FEA) tools, such as ANSYS or Altair.
● Analyse and optimise designs using simulation tools, including stress and
deformation analysis, fatigue analysis,thermal analysis, CFD Simulations and modal
● Perform electromagnetic simulations, circuit simulations, and electromagnetic
compatibility tests to optimise electrical parameters of the motor.
● Validate and interpret simulation results by comparing with test results or other
relevant sources.
● Document simulation results and methodologies, and communicate findings to the
design team and management.
● Collaborate with design teams to improve motor performance through simulation,
considering factors such as thermal management, material properties and
manufacturing processes.

● Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or
a related field.
● 0-2 years of experience in relevant field.

● Strong understanding of simulation, mechanical, and electrical engineering
● Proficiency in CAD design softwares such as SolidWorks, Fusion 360.
● Proficiency in simulation software, such as ANSYS, Altair, JMAG, or MotorCAD etc.
● Worked on projects involving Simulation.
(Note: During the training period, the employee will receive instruction in electromagnetic
and electrical simulations)

● Good Analytical and Problem Solving skills
● Good communication skills

● Negotiable as per experience.

● You will be working in office space at Ahmedabad
● Flexible working hours.
● Collaborating with a team of highly motivated individuals, and playing an active role
in driving innovation and development of the final product

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You must sign in to apply for this position.

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Building radial and axial flux motors for electric vehicles

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