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  • Renita DSouza

    October 21, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    The correct answer is D) 26 Cells


    Calculate the Number of Cells in Series:

    To get a total voltage of 48V, you would need:

    Number of Cells in Series = 48V/{Nominal Voltage per Cell (3.7V)}

    = 48/3.7 = approx 13 cells

    In a series configuration, the voltage adds up, so 13 cells in a series would give you a nominal voltage of 13* 3.7V = 48.1V.

    Calculate the Number of Cells in Parallel:

    Now, to achieve the desired capacity of 4400mAh (or 4.4Ah), you need to calculate the number of cells in parallel.

    Each individual cell has a capacity of 2200mAh (or 2.2Ah). To get a total capacity of 4.4Ah in parallel, you would need:

    Number of Cells in Parallel = 4.4Ah/2.2Ah = 2 cells

    So, to achieve a 48V 4400mAh battery pack, you would need 13 cells in series and 2 sets of these 13 cells connected in parallel, hence 13*2 = 26 cells


    The winner of this week’s Trivia Quiz is Jaison. Congratulations!