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    September 30, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    Hello Farhan, apologies for the delayed response, such issue of KTM technically should be solved from authorized KTM service centers. Due to student made intake manifold, KTM engine can cause multiple issues.

    Initial weak spark- weak battery could be the reason. Try switching to a new battery or externally recharge the existing battery and then try.

    ECU – not accessible as KTM doesn’t let user to access maps and mess with them. Authorized service centers have a special software tool to do so. Even KTM people don’t change things they only monitor parameters. One option can be to use piggyback ECU but it’s a tricky affair.

    Also stock Bosch ECU doesn’t connect to the laptop. They have their specific OBD tools to diagnose issues. Also the screen flashes error codes by which one can know what is going on with the ECU.

    Dashboard – is upto your choice, whether you want DIY or go for aftermarket one.

    Kill switch – You can series a shutdown button with that key switch or even can replace key switch with kill switch.